Flour – 1kg

Salt – 2 tbsp

Butter – 2tbsp

Water – 1/4 cup as needed

Milk  – 2tbs

Yeast – 2tbs

Oil – 2 tbsp

Sugar – 200g

2 eggs


Mix adding the water, butter, flour, salt, milk and yeast,

mix everything together untill its soft and not sticking to your hands.

Roll it in a ball and allow it to rise for 30 / 45 mins. Divide the dough in 12 equal piece’s work on it till you have a shape of buns.

In a bowl, add an eggs yolk, add a little water and mix, before you put the buns in the oven brush the top of each bun.

Bake at 180°c and check it regularly untill it’s cooked, it will take about 20m, insert a wood pick, if it comes dry it’s cooked,  if not let it cook a little more. 😋

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